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AA and not American Airlines either!

   ………I went from needing my husband as a companion, to needing other people from my company as companions,  to being able to fly alone.  I actually have flown to… Read more →

Wow … that many, that much, that far!

IATA research is forecasting that around half the world’s population will fly during the course of this year with an overall prediction of 3,3 billion passengers flying globally. As further… Read more →

Recent A380 Diversion

You’ve heard me say it lots of time that there is the world of difference between press reports about aircraft incidents, and the facts.   Today I have to add… Read more →

… your course has, literally, changed my life.

Dear Captain Keith I just wanted to say that your course has, literally, changed my life. I stopped flying around the time I was diagnosed with depression 6 years ago… Read more →

Why airline courses  have a down side … You don’t have to fly to fix your fear … you have to fix your fear to fly.        … Read more →

Blog information

There are almost 300 blog articles on this site. They are designed to be of interest to fearful flyers. I recommend that you have a look through them because it’s… Read more →

latest news

NATS has explained that its Swanwick control centre experienced a technical problem in the early hours of Saturday morning. It said in a statement: “At night, when it’s quiet, we… Read more →


Way back in 2005 I attended one of Keith’ s inaugural seminars, preparing to take a short flight to France. Never in my wildest dreams then would I have considered… Read more →

    FLYING WITHOUTFEAR.COM     LOGBOOK 24/7      FACE BOOK FEAR OF FLYING     TWITTER   01420 588 629  Available 24/7   Fear of flying Help   Read more →

Brooklands museum

You may know of Brooklands if you live in the UK. It was the first motor racing track in the country, recognisable by its banked track. Years ago it became… Read more →