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Staying up to date.

My rivals over at Flyingwithoutfear “in association with Virgin Airways” take a swipe at me by saying they use current captains not retired ones. Here’s a group of guys that… Read more →

What’s going on …

More people book for our fear of flying course as the year advances. More people regret not doing something about their fear sooner than those who do. More fearful flyers… Read more →

Aircraft radar

There has been a lot of press talk about the radar equipment on planes  and its relevance to the missing Malaysian B777. Any aircraft can be tracked by radar at… Read more →

Eat less sugar and fly safely

When I got up this morning I was sad to hear that a plane was missing. I am sad for everyone involved. The friends the relatives and the airline industry. But… Read more →

First Solo

This week is the anniversary of my first solo flight and this is the plane I flew. That was in 1961. I remember my instructor saying that when you leave… Read more →

Workshop Book

One of the products we give away on our fear of flying course is this Workshop Book. It’s 68 pages of helpful information for fearful flyers. It starts  by describing… Read more →

Best seller

Buy here Read more →

Dear Keith, I am originally from the UK, but live full in Ireland. You’re latest email just reminded me of my own journey from fearful flyer to eager beaver! I… Read more →

Across the Atlantic twice and …

It’s always nice to take a break in the winter, so on my airline rebated tickets we popped over to Barbados. Antigua was full so next alphabetically was  … But the… Read more →

Hong Kong

From a happy customer …. In Hong kong now and by god I did it! And I was so calm and collected even though it was a bit bumpy through… Read more →