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… made the flight an absolute pleasure.

Dear Captain Keith, Just a quick note to say many thanks for the course book and CDs that arrived a few weeks ago. I was seriously anxious before a return… Read more →

Ryanair CEO

We really do have to wonder what Mr O’Leary is trying to do when he makes comments … like the ones he has been reported as saying today. How could… Read more →

I want to fly it!!!!!

So the Dreamliner goes into service. What a fantastic plane In 1984 I was lucky enough to be  licensed  to fly the world’s most advanced plane. The Boeing 757. Everywhere… Read more →

I would like to say thank you

I would like to say thank you.  I have listened to all your free helpcasts and just listening to them has helped me greatly.  Sneaky, sneaky, putting all those airplane… Read more →

Well we arrived home today

Hi Keith, Well we arrived home today from Minnesota and had a great vacation! The flights were fine apart from on the way home where there was a lot of… Read more →

I’d had a 25 year fear of flying

Dear Keith and Viv. Thank you both so much for the excellent ground course I attended in September. It has helped bring me to a much more relaxed state of… Read more →

Latest helpletter Oct 2012

Dear Captain Keith,  I just want to say how much I appreciate …your ever thoughtful, considered and reassuring e-mails. Having used your book and CDs to overcome my fear of… Read more →

Latest Newsletter

It is so helpful having this sort of informed comment on relevant news items.  I have had a fear of flying for many years and it has stopped me from… Read more →

“The stewardesses were panicking and shouting (at) people to go one way, then the other.

YES That’s the way they are supposed to do it, otherwise people don’t pay attention. Maybe this person interpreted shouting as panic….if so they were wrong. Captain Keith   Read more →

Hi Keith – you may remember that I came on the ground course on Sept 29th. I got a lot out of the day and found both Viv and yourself… Read more →