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Dreamliner B787

There may well have been an audible worldwide sigh of relief from some airline boardrooms when news broke that the FAA had approved Boeing’s comprehensive battery fix for its troubled 787 Dreamliner…. Read more →

Hello, I am the Spanish girl who went to your course last year coming from Liverpool. Anyway, I flew some weeks ago to Budapest, one of my fears was being walking on the plane, I… Read more →

Courses abroad!

It’s interesting to see the reaction of people who help others with the fear of flying. Next month a U.K. airline is taking its course to New York. This has… Read more →


GOOGLE+   I’ve just started a fear of flying page here  so if you want to look in there too please join me.   Keith Read more →

Just wanted to share my pride

Just wanted to share my pride, perhaps as a motivation for others. I attended Keith’s course in September after suffering badly on flights (two or three return trips a year)… Read more →

Beautiful or beautiful?


Monthly helpletter

. Just received a very nice letter thanking me for the recent help letter. If you’d like to receive a copy each month please email me at Keith Read more →

New Page on the website

On the last course we discussed all these subjects  and a whole lot more too … Turbulence Flying in a storm Radio failure What if questions How would we deal… Read more →

I am actually looking forward to flying again

Finally had chance to put into practice what I learnt on the course way back in January. Funny feeling really, wanted and expected to feel nervous but was actually more… Read more →

By weight!

An airline in Samoa  is about to charge fares according to the passenger’s weight. Great if you’re travelling with children. Keith   more soon Read more →