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Captain Keith’s Comments

Farnborough Air Show 2012

They call it summer but today it continued raining… so I wondered whether to spend £41  (£82)  on a ticket (s) into the air show… but unfortunately I’d used up… Read more →

Commercial Aviation Safety

I was so busy talking about safety briefings on my last blog  that I forgot to talk about the magazine that prompted me to write. I had picked up an… Read more →

Flight Safety

I was reading an old copy of my Flight Safety magazine last night. I was interested to see that one of the main subjects was about cabin evacuation. On our… Read more →

Aircraft safety and the fear of flying

Recently a few fearful flyers have Flying is normal been sending internet links about ‘wing cracks’… …and wanting me to explain and re-assure them about it. This is a perfectly… Read more →

Fear of flying phone call

It’s always nice to receive a phone call from someone we’ve helped… but yesterday was different. Not only did I hear from an excited fearful flyer I was asked to… Read more →

Flying tips

Here’s some interesting stuff I found on the Boeing FAQ page Pay attention to the flight attendants. Listen to safety briefings, even if you’ve heard them many times. Review the… Read more →

How many?

Right now there are approximately 460,000 people flying on commercial aircraft. In a year airliners, fly the equivalent of  100 million flights around the equator. Every 30 minutes a plane… Read more →

“How can a jumbo jet fly?”

A common question about planes from people with a fear of flying is: “How can something as big as a jumbo jet fly?” The answer is simple…take a brick into… Read more →

Statistics and the fear of flying

I was browsing through the shelves of my local book shop this afternoon. I saw a book by Stephen Pinker. I have a couple of his books already so I… Read more →

What a week

In these hard economic times it must be hard  for companies to show a profit. In that respect we’re lucky here on flying We measure our success not in… Read more →