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Captain Keith’s Comments

Monthly helpletter

. Just received a very nice letter thanking me for the recent help letter. If you’d like to receive a copy each month please email me at Keith Read more →

Latest commercial aviation news

I have added a page to the main website where I can post news that is useful to  fearful flyers and where you can get unbiased comment on the things… Read more →

“Hello Captain Keith I’m viewing the videos of take off and landing a lot at the moment to desensitize me to noises and motions.”   This is exactly how the… Read more →

i Pad

Found a great app on the free store last night It allows you to track flights… I tracked a plane that was parked at Gatwick. I heard a suggestion that… Read more →

FEAR could be…

False   Evidence  Appearing   Real I was talking on a Radio show today about fear and someone on the show mentioned this as a useful tip for people with any fear…. Read more →

Ryanair CEO

We really do have to wonder what Mr O’Leary is trying to do when he makes comments … like the ones he has been reported as saying today. How could… Read more →

I want to fly it!!!!!

So the Dreamliner goes into service. What a fantastic plane In 1984 I was lucky enough to be  licensed  to fly the world’s most advanced plane. The Boeing 757. Everywhere… Read more →

“The stewardesses were panicking and shouting (at) people to go one way, then the other.

YES That’s the way they are supposed to do it, otherwise people don’t pay attention. Maybe this person interpreted shouting as panic….if so they were wrong. Captain Keith   Read more →

Back from Rome

I’ve just had the fun of a few days in Rome… Rome It’s interesting to see flying from a passenger’s point of view… after a lifetime of being taken to… Read more →

Chaos in the Cockpit. (Air France accident)

Another ‘black box’ programme! another inadequate ‘investigation’ into what really happened …but this time including a couple of guys who should know better. Their expert opinion was given in a… Read more →